Hello Waldoboro, Maine, New England, & the world!

22 Apr

Welcome to our new blog, Waldoborolocalfood!  We hope this blog will be a fun and informative discussion about the idea of local food as it impacts the town of Waldoboro.  For those of you from “out there somewhere” who know nothing of Waldoboro, it is a town of about 5,000 people, a town with a fascinating past, sitting presently on loads of potential.  For those of you who live and/or work in Waldoboro, you know the story… once great shipbuilding town falls on hardship post steam engine, exacerbated by the changes wrought by two World Wars… Waldoboro hasn’t been the same since.

The good news is that tons of potential thing, and there is a ton of it.  The whole idea of local food and how it can contribute to the reemergence of a community’s vitality is an interesting one, and one that obviously showed itself during the month long “Waldoboro Reads Together” Community Read program sponsored by the Waldoboro Public Library and the Real Food Institute of Midcoast Maine, when we read the book The Town That Food Saved, by Vermont farmer and author Ben Hewitt.  We think the conversation deserves to continue, thus this blog.

Please contribute by adding your comments, ideas, rants, and hopes for the local food movement in and about Waldoboro and the midcoast region.  Perhaps we can really make something happen here.  After all, Hardwick Vermont, ain’t all that different from Waldoboro is it?  BTW we have Ben’s book available at the Library for checkout.  Check the Library’s calalog to see if it’s on the shelf.  If not call and place it on reserve… Continue the conversation!